4 Ways You Can Help COVID-19 Relief Initiatives from Home


Your contribution matters. Your voice is valuable, and your desire to help can make your community stronger and better prepared to survive this global crisis. You may be stuck at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but there are many ways to still make a difference.

Over the course of compiling COVID-19 relief initiatives in Pune, our SocialEyes team got an opportunity to interact with NGOs, social workers and charities about their needs and requirements during this crisis. Based on the insights gathered during these interactions, we have compiled a list of 3 simple ways you can lend a hand to relief initiatives from the four walls four your home.

1. Direct Bank Transfers

There are many reasons people are mistrustful of donations in the form of bank transfers. Primarily because one cannot be certain that their money will be put to good use. However, here are some reasons why NGOs are insisting upon direct bank transfers during the pandemic.

  • Donations in the form of clothes, ration and food can be useful, but require a degree of manpower and coordination. Not all NGOs are equipped with a network of volunteers to carry out these tasks.
  •  As new information and regulations about the pandemic crops up, needs of the market are changing and relief initiatives must adopt. Monetary donations can help maintain this flexibility in a fast changing environment.
  • Many NGOs are conducting direct transfer schemes to daily wage earners in need. Your money will be transferred straight to the account of someone who has lost his source of income.
  • Some NGOs are maintaining a list of beneficiaries, so donors can know where their money is being utilized.

If you are financially equipped, the best and most convenient way to make a difference is by donating a small percentage of your monthly income to a credible relief initiative of your choice. You can find some verified NGOs in need on the SocielEyes platform.

2. Spread the Word

All of us have been spending a great deal of time on social media. Here is an opportunity to use your voice for good. Lots of NGOs are trying to reach out to a wider audience for help, awareness and leads. You can contribute by creating awareness about relief initiatives in your area amongst your circle and beyond.

Create Fundraisers for small charities

Reach out to old age homes, orphanages and other charities in your area. If they require funds, monetary assistance, ration kits or any other assistance, circulate their needs through What’sApp and Facebook groups of your community.

You can also create a fundraiser for them through online platforms.

Support existing fundraisers

Many NGOs have already created fundraisers for their causes. Whenever you come across any, give their landing page a re-share through your social media platforms.

You can also help us by sending across leads of NGOs, Relief Initiatives and Social Projects taking place in Pune at projectsocialeyes@gmail.com

Help NGOs go digital

While the digital medium has proved to be a powerful tool of communication, social workers are struggling with taking the leap from offline to online. If you are reasonably adept with social media, you can create Facebook, Instagram and other pages for social initiatives in your area. Most NGOs are in need of a digital makeover. So here is a way you can spend some guilt-free time surfing through social media, for a great cause.

3. Provide resources for those in need

Due to the restrictions on movement, some charities have dried up their sources of funds. Get in touch with charities around you and organize collection drives for them. You can also be of assistance by footing their grocery bill and paying for other essentials.

You can identify those in need by looking around you. Waste workers, distributors of milk, newspaper and other essentials are still working. Ask them if their community needs any kind of assistance.

4. Lend a Skill

As the lockdown has rendered a percentage of the workforce at home, many NGOs are in dire need of coordinators, managers and other volunteers to run their operations. You can offer to provide this kind of assistance. You can also get in touch with NGOs working with children and help them conduct online classes to engage their students. Try to think of the body of skills you have and utilize them for a cause that best suits your abilities.

Volunteering from home is not only a way to help those in need, but also a meaningful mode of occupying your time during the lockdown. Serving your community is an empowering feeling. Project SocialEyes aims to spread this powerful sentiment across sections of society, to ultimately create a body of welfare citizens.  Join us in our movement by starting a small wave of change, today!


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